General DCT information

DCT transmission basics

BMW repair instructions and information

​​DCT dimensions and gear ratios

DCT oem bmw part numbers

DCT tightening torque

DCT HPU and mechatronics overview

DCT Flywheel_Adapterplate installation guide


​​How to remove your DCT mechatronics

(TCM removal and pre-wire guide)

HPR twin wiring kit guidelines

​Full chassis kits

​Toyota Supra mk4 DCT kit install

Nissan Skyline GTR installation

(only available with the kit)

Nissan Skyline GTS installation

(coming soon)

Honda S2000 installation

(coming soon)

Equipment installs

HPR DBW clutch pedal install

HPR Output flange

DCT oil cooler thermostat

HPR Stealth Shifter install and setup